Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion

We Help Foster Innovative Changes Through DEI For A Stronger Workforce

The workplace is an ever-changing environment. And we’re not just talking about the techs and specs. Sure, cutting edge technology is irreplaceable in the office, but it’s the combination of diversity, equity, and inclusion that lets a business thrive. By having a people-forward focus, weyou can create an atmosphere that allows members of ouryour community to thrive in full-opportunity situations.

Our out-of-the-box staffing solutions put diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) on the front lines. By prioritizing DEI, we nurture long-term work relationships and promote innovations.

Here’s how OBOX Solutions defines these three core values and policies:



Broadly speaking, diversity refers to a great deal of range and variety. OBOX strives to increase diversity by bringing people of different perspectives, cultures, ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses, identities, and abilities into the workplace. This allows a company to incorporate a range of voices that can lead to innovative decisions and strategies.

Imagine going to a party brimming with interesting people of different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. Diversity enhances social experiences; the workplace is no different.



Diversity is how people are different. Equity is ensuring people have access to equal opportunity. Every employee in an organization should have a level playing field. OBOX knows to differentiate equity from equality - which focuses on blanket rules for everyone without acknowledging demographic-related needs.

Think of it like this. That party you went to earlier, they could serve up a giant tray of lasagna and nothing else. Every party guest would have the same access to the same food; equality. OR they could add some vegan, keto-friendly, and gluten-free dishes too. Now everyone has the chance to eat. Equity! 



Diversity without inclusion is meaningless. Inclusion means that those who bring diverse qualities have a sense of belonging, feel valuable, and are welcomed. Diverse individuals should be able to fully participate in decisions within an organization.

You’ve got quite the diverse group at your party, and they’re full and happy. Great! Those individuals should be able to have a voice in the conversation, for instance. They aren’t there just to fill a quota. They’re there to be a valued part of the group. 

DEI In Action

Did you know that for a very long time, workplace recruiters only addressed diversity? Bringing in employees of different backgrounds, genders, and abilities just to get good numbers on a demographic chart doesn’t bring real results. For a business to actually thrive, it has to value people and foster an inclusive community as well.

OBOX Solutions is an NGLCC-Certified diversity owned business that always values diversity, equity, and inclusion for all. OBOX can help you bridge the gap.

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