Building Lasting Relationships, Not a Casual Workforce.

Building Lasting Relationships, Not a Casual Workforce.

Unique Staffng Solutions


Delivering Tailored Solutions

OBOX Solutions delivers “Out of the Box” staffing solutions. We provide the diverse talent you need, whenever you need it. If we seem different from other staffing agencies, it because we are! We have a passion for building lasting relationships, Not a Casual Workforce.

OBOX Solutions is a proud NGLCC-Certified diversity-owned business that believes in workplace diversity with full inclusion and equality for all. Our core competencies include the information Technology Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Sales, Project Management, and Process Improvement categories of staff augmentation. We understand the unique needs of our clients and have the infrastructure to offer “Out of the Box” staffing solutions. We partner with our clients to provide contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent placements.


Answers to your staffing needs


OBOX Solutions is a stream-lined, full-service staffing team that encompasses the complete range of placement options. We provide contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent placements nationwide.

We have a strong reputation for providing solid professionals and locating those passive candidates other agencies just can't seem to find. Our high-level of service has earned us the right to work exclusively with the majority of our clients, and this exclusivity gives us an advantage when representing our respected OBOXers.

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OBOX Solutions is an NGLCC-Certified diversity owned business that always values diversity, equity, and inclusion for all. OBOX can help you bridge the gap.