Web Application Developer
Remote Contract
  • Experience in web application development using microservices.
  • Experience with the core AWS services.
  • Knowledge of writing infrastructure as code using CloudFormation.
  • Proficiency in Angular/React, Spring Boot, Spring IOC, Spring MVC, JQuery, Ajax and Java
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes. Having used ECS Fargate in the past is a plus.
  • Experience with logging/monitoring solutions such as CloudWatch, Firelens, Elastic Search, etc.
  • Experience with building or maintaining cloud-native applications.
  • Experience in working with CI/CD pipeline (DevOps) by building Jenkins pipelines and Ansible.
  • Strong notions of security best practices (e.g. using IAM Roles, KMS, etc.).
  • Hands on experience with Kafka, SQS, SES and SNS.
  • Past experience with the serverless approaches using AWS Lambda is a plus.
  • Ability to troubleshoot distributed systems.

Top Skills:

  • Angular/React
  • Spring Boot
  • AWS